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No, Gallagher's Water is not a supplement. It is simply something to help entice your horse to drink water.

For best results, this should be introduced to your horse in a quiet setting where it can explore it without distraction. Do not give for the first time when feeding or when your horse shows signs of distress. Some horses that are never hand fed or fed out of buckets may not take to it at first, though we have seen success once given a second or third time.

It's best to give Gallagher's Water daily to prevent dehydration.

1. Fill a two-gallon bucket with water.

2. Pour entirety of a packet's contents into the water.

3. Stir until well-mixed.

4. Serve immediately.

5. Cheers!

Best if used daily to prevent dehydration.

Gallagher's Water does not contain any banned substances and is FEI compliant.

Gallagher's Water is made up of a little bit of sugar, alfalfa, salt and electrolytes.

The full ingredient list is: Cane Sugar, Alfalfa, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Maltodextrin, Calcium Citrate, Magnesium Citrate, Zinc Gluconate, Copper Gluconate, Manganese Citrate.

Find the full nutritional panel shown in any of our product offerings. Worried about sugar? Read the FAQ below to answer that concern.

Gallagher's Water is made in the U.S. from premium human-grade ingredients. Each ingredient is micro-tested before being accepted into our inventory and then spot-tested at random in our warehouse. It is packaged in a commercially sterile environment that is frequently audited by the USDA. Great care goes into producing the best for your horses and livestock.

We understand that sugar can be a worry for owners with sugar-intolerant horses, horses with Equine Metabolic Syndrome or are prone to foundering.

We too had this concern when adding sugar to the formula, as the horse this product was created for, Gallagher, is one of these sugar-intolerant horses.

However the sugar in this product is so minimal and makes up only 2% of your horse's daily sugar intake. Gallagher himself enjoys his water every single day.

Sugar was only added to sweeten the product slightly and give it some weight.

Always consult your veterinarian about your concerns and when introducing a new product to your horse.

This product should be served immediately when opened.

No, Gallagher's Water is not a substitute for your horse's drinking water. It merely helps entice your horse to drink its water. Always keep fresh drinking water available to your horse.

You should not leave this in the stall unattended. It is best to supervise your horse with it to ensure that it is consumed or to track how much is consumed.

Gallagher's Water can be mixed with other supplements or needed medications to help ensure that they are consumed by the horse

Gallagher's Water is great to give to your horse after a workout, during travel, to aid in dispensing medication or simply as a treat.

Best if used daily to prevent dehydration.

No, the amount of alfalfa in this product is so minuscule you shouldn't see your horse affected by it.

Yes! We have tested this product mixed in the purest filtered water to smelly "egg" water. Horses have consumed it in all scenarios.

No, just the opposite! Horses tend to continue drinking regular water after consuming Gallagher’s Water because of the added electrolytes. Louisiana State University reports a 65% increase in overall water consumption in horses that were under a controlled test environment.

A horse is much more inclined to drink Gallagher's Water, whether in a
trailer, away from home, showing signs of stress brought on by
dehydration, etc., if they have already had a proper introduction to it.

It's simple, we get the water in the horse. Often, other hydration products are just electrolyte additives or they do not offer enough encouragement for the horses to drink their water and re-hydrate. Gallagher's Water contains electrolytes, but its flavor really encourages horses to drink.

Gallagher's Water is good to use up to 1.5 years unopened.

Gallagher's Water can be used for recovery, masking the taste and smell of medicines or as a treat.

Yes! Gallagher's Water was designed for livestock. We've seen cows, sheep, and goats all successfully drink and love it.

It is safe to give a horse two or three - sometimes even four - servings per day, depending on their age, condition, athletic needs, and heat and humidity conditions that are present. Even in cold weather, it is important to monitor water intake very carefully.

If your horse has Cushings or some other metabolic condition which requires limited sugar intake, consider using our NO SUGAR ADDED formula. It has the same flavor and benefits as the Original formula, but without added sugar.

Many people have their horses on a daily serving of Gallagher's Water as a type of hydration maintenance.

As always, please consult with your Veterinarian before introducing new and different dietary feeds and supplements.

Yes, pregnant and lactating mares should have no issue with Gallagher's Water. In fact, it can help keep a mare hydrated and prepared for birth or help in recovery. We recommend you always consult your veterinarian first.