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April 15, 2024 1 min read

Louisiana State University recently completed a study on Gallagher’s Water to test its effectiveness in getting horses to consume more water. The study entitled Effects of Gallagher’s Water™ on Water Consumption, Hydration and Healthconcluded the following:

  • Gallagher’s Water™, was readily consumed by the horses and no adverse events were observed.
  • Gallagher’s Water resulted in significantly more water consumption.
  • Gallagher’s water resulted in less potassium loss in the urine.
  • Gallagher’s Water improves water consumption and hydration status in stall-confined horses and might minimize electrolyte losses.

That’s approximately a 65% increase in water consumed! After being served Gallagher’s Water, horses continued to be willing to drink plain water.

Gallagher's Water LSU Study


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