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September 24, 2022 2 min read

Covington, La. ­– Sept. 23, 2022 – Gallagher's Water is pleased to announce their all-natural, flavor-enhancement powder mix is now available at and coming soon to the FarmVet mobile units. 
"We are excited to partner with FarmVet!"  said Melissa Mysing, principal and co-founder of EquestriBev, the makers of Gallagher's Water. "We love how the FarmVet team helps so many owners and professionals choose the right products for their horses. They are so knowledgeable and thorough in their approach. I've had firsthand experience over the years shopping at FarmVet mobile units. Their staff is always ready to help out and solve an issue."



Does your horse have a drinking problem? Does he refuse water at a show or drink less when the temperature changes? Gallagher's Water is the must-have product for traveling, showing and at home. 
Offer your horse Gallagher's Water for rehydration after workouts, to encourage drinking during travel, to aid in dispensing medications and as a treat. Simply fill a bucket with two gallons of fresh water, pour in a packet of Gallagher's Water, stir thoroughly and serve. Horses find it irresistible.

Introduce Gallagher's Water in a quiet and at-home setting where they can explore it without distraction. Testimonials are pouring in from ecstatic customers and equine veterinary practitioners recommend it to their clients. 
"We are both so excited that FarmVet and their amazing team will carry Gallagher’s Water," said Dawn Brown, principal and co-founder of EquestriBev. "Gallagher's Water has already helped so many horses. It gets the water in the horse. Just like humans, horses can't perform at their best when dehydrated. The winning edge is riding a hydrated horse! Horses love the taste and drink up two gallons in seconds."  
Gallagher's Water is arming the FarmVet team with samples so they can experience the product firsthand and plan training sessions before the product rolls out to the mobile units.  
"We look forward to working with FarmVet at key competitions this year and interacting with horses and owners on location - a Gallagher's Water happy hour. BYOB - bring your own bucket!" Mysing said.

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