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September 16, 2022 2 min read

COVINGTON, La. – Sept. 9, 2022 – Gallagher’s Water is excited to announce their flavor-enhancing, natural hydration beverage for horses is now available online at Tractor Supply, enabling more people to better hydrate their horses. Gallagher’s Water can be ordered online at for home delivery or for pick up in-store at any of their 2,000 stores nationwide.

“We are thrilled to have Tractor Supply join the retail family for Gallagher’s Water,” said Melissa Mysing, principal of EquestriBev LLC, the makers of Gallagher’s Water. “Since we are a newer product with less than a year to market, being sold in Tractor Supply signifies both the need for and belief in our product.”

Gallagher’s Water launched in April 2022 at the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event (LRK3DE) as the “Official Hydration Beverage.” Since then, Gallagher’s Water has been sold online at, through 13 retailers across the United States and on Amazon. 

It can be offered as needed for rehydration after workouts, to encourage horses to drink during travel, to aid in dispensing medications or as a treat. It’s as simple as filling a two-gallon bucket with fresh water, pour in a packet of Gallagher’s Water, stir until mixed and watch the horse enjoy and hydrate.

In addition to horses, other livestock such as cattle, goats and even zebras have delighted in the taste and hydration benefits of Gallagher’s Water. During the hot, humid summers, when traveling or when temperatures drop, Gallagher's Water offers peace of mind and noticeable results. Many vets testify to the benefits provided by Gallagher’s Water and happily recommend it to their clients. Always check with your veterinarian before offering your horse a new product.

“The growth we’ve seen since our launch has been phenomenal,” said Dawn Brown, principal at EquestriBev, LLC. “We started with an idea and a dream and less than a year after our product hit the market we’re in national retailer Tractor Supply and tack stores across the country. We couldn’t be more excited!"

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